Monday, 7 February 2011

Velvet Tongue - 6 Feb - Thanks! + POEMS

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the first edition of Velvet Tongue, which has received a 5 STAR review at
"Fun, diverse and so sexy!"

Thanks to 10 Gales, for providing a stunning physical space; thanks also to Sina Evil, Cathy Flower, Jonathan Kemp and Sophie Cameron, for their brilliant guest readings; as well as Ant Smith, Marcus Reeves, Graham Buchan, Mel Jones, Kevin Maxwell, Alan Wolfson, Natasha Moskovici, Sophia Blackwell, Scarlet French and Mathew Stradling for their fabulous open mic performances; and, last but no least, a wonderful (packed) audience. 

Here's some photographic evidence:
Also by Ant Smith:
I include here two pieces that were written specifically for the event. They're both entitled "Velvet Tongue" and were performed on Sunday 6th February 2011 at Ten Gales. One is a  breath taking poem by one of the featured poets, Cathy Flower (pictured  - below -  by Lewis Horsman); the other one is a little limerick by the host, Ernesto Sarezale. Here they are:

Velvet Tongue
(by Cathy Flower)

Oh velvet tongue don’t ever leave me
Your velvet ribbon on my skin
Does such tanta-lizing things
Oops-ay… I spilt my…  coff-ay
My wee favourite ever so small espresso cup
blooms a floral Cezanne mixture on the side…
Tipped it over next to me
Too close it was
Whilst you were stroking my… … …
With (pause)
Your (pause)
Velvet (pause)
Tongue! (pause)
(mellow-ecstasy) Don’t stop (pause)
(mellow-ecstasy) Don’t stop (pause)
(mood change: domineering) I will evict you
if you cease.
Your velvet tongue (pause)
is (pause)
your lease.

© Cathy Flower 2011
 25th January 2011

Velvet Tongue limerick
(by Ernesto Sarezale)

I sip honey to warm up my tongue.
I use plenty because he’s well hung.
He pulls back the helmet,
it feels just like velvet,
but his dickhead just stinks like old dung.

(February 2011) 
(Picture by Ant Smith)

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