Wednesday 23 October 2013

Velvet Tongue: Autumn 2013

The last Velvet Tongue of 2013 will be hosted at Bar Kick in the late autumn, on 2nd December, stranded between Halloween and Christmas, when the days are dark and the nights are long... Doors open at 7pm; show starts at 7.30pm. £5/£3, free to participants. 

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IVOR DEMBINA: with an extract from his solo comedy show about fetishism and sex through Jewish eyes, 'SadoJudaism' 

with ‘Humans’, a piece combining spoken word, music and visceral live art

KATIE SARRA: with poetry about Tantra, body image, intimacy, pleasure and conscious sexuality

Plus a few surprises and the usual OPEN MIC slots. Remember that the open mic slots are 5 minutes (FIVE MINUTES) long.

NOTE: The pre-booked open-mic quota for this month's Velvet Tongue has been met, which means that anyone requesting a spot after the 21st of October will go onto a "waiting list". There are usually drop-outs on the night, so many of those on the waiting list will probably have the chance to read/perform anyway (and will get in for free).

Velvet Tongue is dedicated to erotic writing and performance, with poetry, fiction, spoken word, plays, stand-up, comic strips, cabaret, monologues,… 

Hosted by: Ernesto Sarezale (

Velvet Tongue celebrates the hot, the sweet, the viscous, the carnal, the sexy, the racy, the provocative, the lustful, the voluptuous, the libidinous, the playful, the flirtatious, the teasing, the suggestive, the explicit, the romantic, the cheeky, the bold, the brash, the brassy, the flashy, the risque, the pervy, the licentious, the queer, the depraved and the downright kinky. And flesh exposure is always encouraged on and off the stage… even in December. 

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