Tuesday 8 November 2011

Autumn Velvet Tongue: THANKS!

Could Velvet Tongue get any better after such excellent  nights as the ones we had in February, May and August

Yes, it could! 

Thanks to everybody (performers, 'door whore', bar staff and a very warm, enthusiastic and sexy audience) who contributed to make London's Erotic Literary Soiree such an amazing event last night!

Host: Ernesto Sarezale. Participants (in order of appearance): Mark Walton, Sarah Reilly, Graham Buchan, Rubyyy Jones, Tonny A., Clare Saponia , Stephanie Ware, Amy Neilson Smith, Steven Pottle, James McKay, Cathy Flower, Renato Volker, Mel Jones, Andrew Fiver, Ant Smith, Akimbo, Corinne Hallanader, Keith Jarret.

A report by James McKay:

A few photos from Ant Smith:

Some photos from Rubyyy Jones:

More photos:

Keep up your eyes open for a likely return of Velvet Tongue to Bar Kick in January 2012!