Tuesday 17 May 2011


After the high standards of the first erotic literary salon in February, one was not sure what to expect from the second Velvet Tongue. Gladly, not only were those standards met but were probably even surpassed in May. An exciting, varied, sexy and packed event! 
Thanks to Bar Kick for providing a lovely intimate space & support, thanks to the fantastic audience and thanks indeed to the amazing array of talented writers and performers who contributed to an awesome Spring Edition of Velvet Tongue.
Scroll down this post to read a brief report on the night by one of the participants, Rubyyy Jones: "There Were So Many Interesting And Talented Performers" http://rubyyyjones.wordpress.com/2011/05/17/velvet-spank/
A review at the Erotic Review Magazine: "Whether you're a performer, a poet, or just like listening to other people's fantasies, Velvet Tongue offers a place to hear and be heard.http://www.eroticreviewmagazine.com/content/velvet-tongue
The next Velvet Tongue will take place on Sunday 7 August, at the same venue: Bar Kick in Shoreditch.
The fabulous performers on the 16th of May were (in order of appearance): 
Fran Isherwood, Eirini Kartsaki, Mel Jones, Jet Moon, Stephanie Ware, Ant Smith, Timothy Graves, Rubyyy Jones, Alison Brumfitt, Steven Pottle, Renato Volker, Al Cowie, Blake Heller & Ying, Graham Buchan, Philip Herbert
(and your host: Ernesto Sarezale)