Tuesday 22 September 2015

29 October 2015: VELVET KINK, a kinky open mic event in South London.

Two days before Halloween, ERNESTO SAREZALE brings
you VELVET KINK, a kinky one-off spin-off of Velvet Tongue, at an arty dungeon in South London: THE FLYING DUTCHMAN. Thursday 29 October 2015, 7pm. Click to RSVP on Facebook.

VELVET KINK focuses on the darker side of erotica: the kinky, the fetishistic, the submissive, the dominant, the sadistic, the masochistic, the sadomasochistic, the paraphiliac, the deviant, the bizarre, the perverted, the perverse, the pleasure in pain. We welcome pieces on: bondage, corporal punishment, flogging/spanking/caning, genital torture, electricity play, medical fetishes, voyeurism/exhibitionism, infatilism role play, water sports, scat, necrophilia, foot worship... and any other paraphilias and sexual taboos you may want to explore.

NO more pre-booked slots available!

For a chance to participate: give your name at the door on October 29th, 7pm onwards. 

Confirmed contributors are:
Tara Fleur, Cathy Flower, Open Minds, René L'Amour, Tom Smith, Andy Fiver, Tom Bland, Gideon K, Ant Smith, Graham Buchan, Steven Pottle, Bliss Abrahams, Philip Bedwell, Trudy Howson, Quinn Agathoni, Chiara Scuro, Jazzman John Clarke, Jane Fae, Keith Jarrett , Alison Brumfitt, Pat Cash, The Hanging Gardener of Babylon, Tony Peter Laing, Greg London, Derek Collins, Amy Neilson Smith.

Contributors get a 5 or 10 minute slot to do poetry, fiction, performance, spoken word, comedy,...

Dress code suggestions: fetish, kinky, sexy, rubber/latex/leather,...

This is a FREE non-profit event.

Needless to say: 18+

Thursday 11 June 2015

12th July 2015: QUEER TONGUE: A one-off spin-off of Velvet Tongue

Ernesto Sarezale celebrates the publication of his poetry collection “In The Name of The Flesh” with... QUEER TONGUE, a multidisciplinary showcase of queer voices featuring four wonderfully talented contributors: JONATHAN KEMP, PAT CASH, RICHARD SCOTT and RENE L'AMOUR, each representing a different side of spoken word: FICTION, DRAMA, POETRY and PERFORMANCE ART.

Together with an OPEN MIC session where everyone is welcome to participate. Sign up at the door on the night.

On Sunday 12 July 2015 at Tipsy, Dalston. Doors open 7pm, show starts at 7.30pm. Free entry but a hat will be passed around for voluntary contributions (to support the performers).

RSVP on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1438875236432355/

Fiction: JONATHAN KEMP is the well known author of the highlyacclaimed novel “The London Triptych”, a literary sensation. He is also a DJ and teaches creative writing, literature and queer theory. Jonathan will read from his celebrated new novel “Ghosting”, which will be available for sale at the event.

Drama: PAT CASH is a playwright, a spoken word artist, a freelance journalist and the host of hugely successful events such as “Spoken Word London”, “Let’s Talk about Gay Sex and Drugs” and more recently “NSFW”. Pat will perform a monologue from his 5-star Edinburgh Fringe play “The Fag Ash Monologues”.

Poetry: RICHARD SCOTT is an award-winning poet, radio broadcaster and opera connoisseur. His poems have been published in outlets as varied as “Poetry Review”, “BUTT magazine”, “The Poetry of Sex” (Penguin Anthology) and “Best British Poetry 2014” (Salt Anthology). Richard will read some of his sexier poems for us.

Performance Art: RENÉ L’AMOUR is a multidisciplinary performer and entrepreneur who combines spoken word with music, drag, rap, body art - and whatever comes his way - in his memorable, hugely inventive performances. René will preview parts of his forthcoming Edinburgh Fringe show “Me, me, me”.

Host: ERNESTO SAREZALE, Erotic Award Winning Poet and former promoter of Erotic Literary Soiree “Velvet Tongue”, will read from his book In The Name of The Flesh, which will be available for sale at the event.

Thursday 15 January 2015

Velvet Tongue - Winter 2015: LA LENGUA DE TERCIOPELO (Hispanic special)

London's erotic literary soiree is back in 2015. And, this time with a with a special Hispanic flavour. 
On Monday 2nd March at The Book Club100 Leonard Street, EC2A, at 19:00. 
Entry: £5/£3/free to participants


Keith Jarrett (bilingual poetry slam winner)
Diana Junyent (pornoterrorist poet and performer)
Gabriel Moreno (bohemian poet and singer songwriter)
Ernesto Sarezale (erotic award winning poet and host of the event)

...special contributions from: Ascen Arriazu, Isabel del Rio, Mabel Encinas, Angel Samuel and more poetry & prose.

With the all-important OPEN MIC slots.

NOTE that the pre-booked open-mic quota for March's Velvet Tongue has already been met, which means that anyone requesting a spot after 5th December 2014 will be added to a "RESERVE LIST". There are always drop-outs on the night, so most people on the reserve list will most likely have the chance to read/perform anyway (and will get in for free). At the last few events EVERYONE who turned up got to read...

What people are saying about Velvet Tongue: 

Velvet Tongue celebrates the hot, the sweet, the viscous, the carnal, the sexy, the racy, the provocative, the lustful, the voluptuous, the libidinous, the playful, the flirtatious, the teasing, the suggestive, the explicit, the romantic, the cheeky, the bold, the brash, the brassy, the flashy, the risque, the pervy, the licentious, the queer, the depraved and the downright kinky. And flesh exposure is always encouraged on and off the stage... As bare as you dare.

pre-Velvet Tongue Eroticism

While you wait for the next edition of Velvet Tongue on the 2nd of March... here are some erotic offerings in London in the next few weeks :