Tuesday 31 July 2012

Summer Velvet Tongue 2012: Olympic edition - Thanks!

It looks like Velvet Tongue is just getting better and better!

Ernesto Sarezale would like to thank everyone who contributed to that spectacularly exhilarating, Dionysian experience that was the Olympic Velvet Tongue on the 30th of July 2012.

The writers/artists/performers were stellar; the packed audience, gorgeous; the Olympic flesh, beautiful.

Many photos from the night can be found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sarezale/sets/72157630884581878/

As Steven Pottle put it on facebook: "Beautiful performances, grrrrrreat poetry, teasing flesh, Olympian cock rings, strawberries and screams and the best damn looking audience!

And this is a report by Jane Fae: http://janefae.wordpress.com/2012/07/31/on-the-boards-again/

Or as Lou Psyche, an admirer of contributor S. P. Howarth, wrote (also on facebook):
"this was the strangest night ive been to in a long time. A lady with her bare breasts out took my money at the door... then 3 compleatly naked people got on stage and anounced the next act...which was SP himself... SP was amazing as usual... Infact I would say he was the best turn that night so elequently describing the beauty of a fresh rosy cunt!.. tho I did enjoy the guy who masturbated at 8 years old , and the bewildering couple with the spooky hoods and strwaberries who basicaly jjust smothered themselves in crushed strawberry and red wine whilst rubbing themselves off and exposing thier tits and fanny! cool banannas..i must visit again ....I was totally sober too!"

See a few more photos from the night below. 

The contributors were (in order of apperance): Sina Shamsavari (artwork on screen), Ernesto Sarezale (the host, escorted by two beautiful nude living statues), S. P. Howarth, Jane Fae, James Hollands, Mmmmm (Luna Montenegro and Adrian Fisher), Andrew Fiver, Rene L'Amour,  Amy Neilson Smith, Graham Buchan, Becky Fury, The Hanging Gardener of Babylon, Steven Pottle, Stav B, Giles Abbot, Tonny A., Stephanie Chan, Philip Herbert.