Tuesday 18 March 2014

Winter Velvet Tongue 2014: Thanks!

Every Velvet Tongue has its own personality and will surprise you and and amaze you where you least expect it. And this month's outstanding Velvet Tongue was no exception. A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to the great success that was the first Velvet Tongue of 2014! 

Thanks foremost to the ever welcoming, ever sexy, ever uproarious, ever beautiful, ever supportive audience. Without you, we couldn't exist. And thanks also to all the wonderful performers for their strong and varied contributions. And thanks indeed to John and Bar Kick for the continued support.

Velvet Tongue will be back on Monday 26 May.

Here is a report on the night by poet and journalist, Pat Cash for QX magazine:

Contributors in order of appearance were:
Ernesto Sarezale (silvery host), Amy Acre, Lotte Royer, Open Minds, Nairobi Thompson, Amy Kingsmill, Robin & Fanny from The Erotic Book Club, Xavier Leret, Steve Rushton, Ant Smith, Asma Chand, Rene L'Amour, Jason Why, Sean Wai Keung, Pat Cash, PJ Samuel, Alain English, Jazzman John Clarke and Paul Ebbs . 

See a picture of each participant below (in order of appearance):
(more pictures - including NSFW images - at:
and David Green's set;

Tuesday 11 March 2014