Wednesday 30 July 2014

Summer VELVET TONGUE (2014) – Thanks!

It was really buzzing down at the basement of The Book Club in Shoreditch last Sunday! And sizzling hot despite the efficient air conditioning. 

I can safely say that Sunday’s Velvet Tongue was the busiest to date. On a couple of past occasions, we have been very close to the 100 mark. But last night, we clearly surpassed it. I estimate we had more than 110 punters through the door! Wow! 

Yet it’s not all about the quantity. The quality of the erotic readings and performances on the night was just spectacular. The featured speakers and the open-micers whose work I already knew not only delivered but actually exceeded my expectations. And the Velvet Tongue virgins, the newbies on stage, definitely kept the standards high. 

London's Erotic Literary Soiree just keeps getting better and better. 

But don't just take my word for it. Here's a review of the night:

Thanks to everyone who graced the stage and indeed to the ever growing, ever sexy, ever welcoming audience! And thanks also to the new venue The Book Club for all the support and for providing such a wonderful space. 

And Thanks! to John Fraser for the pix and everything.

Contributors in order of appearance were:
Ernesto Sarezale (the host, in cutting edge swimwear)Immani Love, Pat Cash, Silk Worm, Susana Medina, Ruck, Janine Evans-Pollard , Primoz Junez, Rene L'Amour, Greg London, Captain of the Rant, Roberta Francis, Joe Walker, David Turner, Open Mind, Tara Fleur and Keith Jarret.

See a picture of each participant below (in order of appearance):
(more pictures at: