Sunday 3 March 2013

First Velvet Tongue of 2013! Thanks!

Flooding, flogging, bondage, skinny waltzing, naked stand-up, sensuality, beauty, audience participation and general misbehaviour,...  just an average night at Velvet Tongue, London’s Erotic Literary Soiree. 

Well, we could have done without the stench from the sewage leaks…. but, in spite of the sinking Titanic moments (and a couple of unsavoury back-stage incidents), the return of Velvet Tongue in 2013 was SPECTACULAR thanks to a fantastic parade of performers/readers and a very lovely, sexy, audience. Thanks also to the staff at Bar Kick for their support in difficult circumstances.

(Apologies to those who could not read because of the "sewage problems" - get back to me: I will give you priority when we return to Bar Kick for the spring edition on 3rd June).

Two reviews of last Monday’s edition:
"Velvet Tongue had the perfect mix of engaging and mesmerising wordplay and pure hilarity"

"I was really impressed with the night in total (...). I feel like i expanded my mind, took in some culture and best of all got inspired."

The contributors were (in order of apperance): Coffe+Sponge, Roz Kaveney, Ernesto Sarezale (also hosting), Rene L'Amour, Steven Pottle, Gideon K, Al Cowie, Tom Bland, Jay Walker, Poeterry, Graham Bucham and Cathy Flower.

A few photos  
(of Pippa at the door, the audience and all the performers in order of appearance)
(More photos here: