Monday 6 February 2012

January Velvet Tongue: Thanks!

What an exciting start to Velvet Tongue in 2012! 

More experimental and diverse than ever, the themes ranged from gay Nazi smut (via Skype) to explicit depictions of interactions with prostitutes in Thailand, through the familiar offerings of bestiality, necrophilia, crushes on Scarlett Johansson and visits to the clap clinic – to mention just a few. Not forgetting live hair trimming, odes to the circumcised penis, lesbian explorations of the Meat Market in NYC and profane material that can’t really be described on a blog like this.

Thanks to all the wonderful performers, the helpful Bar Kick staff, the scantily clad door whore and the ever so lovely (and sexy) audience.

A review of the night in the Evening Standard by Jessica Lambert:

Host: Ernesto Sarezale

(photo by Ant Smith)

Participants (in order of appearance): Chris Dangerfield, Mel Jones, Jonathan Kemp, Deborah Lazaroff (via Skype), Renato Volker, Al Cowie, Amy Neilson Smith, Kathi Kosmider, Neil Alexander, Graham Buchan, Andrew Fiver, Illegal Poet, Cathy Flower, Ant Smith, Season Butler, Jessica Lambert and Edward Unique. See photos below.