Tuesday 22 September 2015

29 October 2015: VELVET KINK, a kinky open mic event in South London.

Two days before Halloween, ERNESTO SAREZALE brings
you VELVET KINK, a kinky one-off spin-off of Velvet Tongue, at an arty dungeon in South London: THE FLYING DUTCHMAN. Thursday 29 October 2015, 7pm. Click to RSVP on Facebook.

VELVET KINK focuses on the darker side of erotica: the kinky, the fetishistic, the submissive, the dominant, the sadistic, the masochistic, the sadomasochistic, the paraphiliac, the deviant, the bizarre, the perverted, the perverse, the pleasure in pain. We welcome pieces on: bondage, corporal punishment, flogging/spanking/caning, genital torture, electricity play, medical fetishes, voyeurism/exhibitionism, infatilism role play, water sports, scat, necrophilia, foot worship... and any other paraphilias and sexual taboos you may want to explore.

NO more pre-booked slots available!

For a chance to participate: give your name at the door on October 29th, 7pm onwards. 

Confirmed contributors are:
Tara Fleur, Cathy Flower, Open Minds, René L'Amour, Tom Smith, Andy Fiver, Tom Bland, Gideon K, Ant Smith, Graham Buchan, Steven Pottle, Bliss Abrahams, Philip Bedwell, Trudy Howson, Quinn Agathoni, Chiara Scuro, Jazzman John Clarke, Jane Fae, Keith Jarrett , Alison Brumfitt, Pat Cash, The Hanging Gardener of Babylon, Tony Peter Laing, Greg London, Derek Collins, Amy Neilson Smith.

Contributors get a 5 or 10 minute slot to do poetry, fiction, performance, spoken word, comedy,...

Dress code suggestions: fetish, kinky, sexy, rubber/latex/leather,...

This is a FREE non-profit event.

Needless to say: 18+