Thursday 11 August 2011

August Velvet Tongue: THANKS! (brief report & photos)

After two amazing editions of London's Erotic Literary Soiree in February and May, the summer edition of Velvet Tongue was yet again very special with fantastic guest acts (Paul Burston, Holestar and Lucy Leagrave) and a varied and fabulous array of open mic performers. The space was packed with a wonderfully receptive and enthusiastic audience! Thanks again to Stephanie Ware and all the staff at Bar Kick for their support.

(Sadly, Chris Young, one of the scheduled guest readers, was not able to come down from Glasgow and could not join us on the night.)

Here is a little report about the event by headliner Paul Burston:

The performers in August were (in order of appearance): Lucy Leagrave, Paul Burston, Holestar, Paolo Ferrari, Ernesto Sarezale, The Illegible Batchelor, Jake Royston, Andrew Fiver, Gareth Storey, David Allen and Mel Jones.
Scroll down for some more photos.

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