Thursday, 3 May 2012

April Velvet Tongue: Thanks!

Spring 2012 brought yet another outstanding Velvet Tongue! Brimming with sauciness and loveliness from performers and audience alike, this was easily the most entertaining Velvet Tongue to date… and possibly the one with (ahem) the most flesh exposed… Thanks to all the amazing performers, the glamorous door lady, Pippa Dee, the helpful staff at the Bar Kick and the loveliest of audiences for making this edition of Velvet Tongue such an excellent night!

And don't forget the special Olympic edition in July !

Some words from Annie Player (founder of the Erotic Meets and one of this month's participants):
“It's the perfect place to try new work and show off your talent with a room buzzing full of writers and fans of poetry and word. It's not simply readings though, the performers that it attracts are hands on, hansom and props and interaction with the audience often occur...”

Host: Ernesto Sarezale

Participants (in order of appearance): Peter Daniels, Annie Player, Steven Purbeck Howarth, Dominic Berry, Rene L'Amour, Dzifa Benson, Becky Fury, Tim Harris, Alison Brumfitt, Edward Unique, The Rather Reverend Dark Horse, Amy Acre, Sunshine Faggio, Lisa Jayne, Steven Pottle, Cynth Icorn, Errol McGlashan. See photos below.
A sample here: 




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