Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Autumn Velvet Tongue 2013: Thanks!

All Velvet Tongues so far have been very pretty babies and the last one was no exception. OK. I know it is not the role of a promoter to show any favouritism, but I must say that the last Velvet Tongue of 2013 was really special. In spite of the somewhat stressful technical glitches I experienced just before the night kicked off, I thoroughly enjoyed the Autumn Velvet Tongue - from beginning to end! The amazing array of thought provoking naughtiness, tenderness, tease, humour, explicit talk, visceral words and gutsy performance that filled the night was very special indeed. Thanks a lot to all the writers and performers, who contributed to such an astounding night. And to the the audience, who just seems to be getting sexier and sexier (as well as welcoming and receptive as ever). Thanks also to Pippa, John and Bar Kick for the continued support.

Velvet Tongue will be back on 10 March 2014.

Here is a report on the night by contributor Carl Chamberlain:

A writeup (in Spanish) in El Ibérico:

A review in QX magazine:

Contributors in order of appearance were:
Pippa (on the door), Ernesto Sarezale (pre-Chritmasy host), Long Horn, Cathy Flower, Kass Man, Ivor Dembina, Sunshine Faggio, Steve Rushton, Ashlee Christoffersen, Nic Argent, P s Artiste, Pat Cash, Rene L'Amour, Antonio Karezza, Paul Ebbs, Graham Buchan, Carl Chamberlain, Gideon K, Martin Sanderson. 

See a picture of each participant below (in order of appearance):
(more pictures - including NSFW images - at:


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