Thursday 1 September 2011

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Luna Poetry:
"There was some weirdness, some humour, & or course a lot of sexuality- all of which combined to show the word EROTIC in a hundred different lights"

Huffington Post:
"the night was riotous and highly amusing"

QX blog:
"a heady, involving evening that had us laughing, licking, touching, seeing, believing and enjoying sex with its doers and speakers."

QX Magazine:
"At Velvet Tongue, all boundaries and genres were free to be explored in how we treat sex, both linguistically and literally."

"Velvet Tongue is quite possibly the best regular erotic literary night in London."

This Is Cabaret:
"Velvet Tongue had the perfect mix of engaging and mesmerising wordplay and pure hilarity"

thingsipickedupontheway blog:
"I was really impressed with the night in total (...). I feel like i expanded my mind, took in some culture and best of all got inspired."

Remote Goat: 
"Fun, diverse and so sexy!" (Five stars)

Erotic Review Magazine: 
"Whether you're a performer, a poet, or just like listening to other people's fantasies, Velvet Tongue offers a place to hear and be heard." 

Evening Standard: 
"Velvet Tongue is the word-spinning sister of the burlesque revival that has stormed London - humorously titillating with tongues very firmly in cheeks" "...a wonderfully entertaining way to spend the night" 

"For literature really laid bare, poet Ernesto Sarezale’s Velvet Tongue in Shoreditch is just the titillating  ticket. He started his quarterly open mic night dedicated to erotic writing in February 2011 and attracts nearly 100 people to each event."

Erotic Meet:
“It's the perfect place to try new work and show off your talent with a room buzzing full of writers and fans of poetry and word. It's not simply readings though, the performers that it attracts are hands on, hansom and props and interaction with the audience often occur...”


"Those who consider Jane Austen’s back catalogue to be a mite racy, look away now."

"If you aren't aware of Ernesto’s legendary erotic literary soirees, you’re in for a brazen treat"

"it’s nights like Velvet Tongue that made the empire what it is today…."

"For those that aren’t aware of the night, it’s nothing like the drab, pc, ‘right-on’ vibe you might expect from a poetry event. It’s more of a literary circus, and yet the atmosphere of the room and the people who attend is the most encouraging, friendly, intimate and accepting that I’ve ever come across. Literally, anything goes."

"I want as many voices as possible; the idea of making people aware that whoever they are and whatever they want to present, they are welcome is vital. (...) I have the impression that there are people who use Velvet Tongue as an opportunity to try things they wouldn’t do at other events -  I like that very much."

“You are always guaranteed to see Ernesto whip off his towel in the name of performance art”

"A much better way to get better acquainted with your fellow Londoners than having your nose in someone’s armpit on the tube."

"Featuring naked poetry and sensual performances galore, Velvet Tongue at Bar Kick is an erotic literary soiree and cabaret night like no other"
"...exploratory literary night of performance and poetry with a raunchy edge" 

"a warm, open-minded and receptive audience.'"

"sure to get tongues wagging"

"With a line-up of acclaimed writers (including Jonathon Kemp, a favourite of mine!), reading selections from their most enticing works, the evening will also have an open mic slot."

from Paul Burston:  
from Rubyyy Jones:  

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