Thursday, 6 January 2011

Ernesto Sarezale presents VELVET TONGUE

Besides the slang term for a delectable oral sex practiceVelvet Tongue is the name of London's Erotic Literary Soiree. Now with an exciting branch in the Antipodes: Velvet Tongue Australia (in Melbourne).

Velvet Tongue kicked off on Sunday 6 February 2011 at Ten Gales gallery in Bethnal Green and then moved to Bar Kick in Shoreditch for its May, August and November editions. It continues there in 2012, 2013, and 2014.

Presented by Erotic Award winning poet Ernesto Sarezale, Velvet Tongue is dedicated to erotic writing and performance, with poetry, fiction, spoken word, plays, stand-up, comic strips, cabaret, monologues,…  

It features some of the country's most exciting writers and performers of erotica together with plenty of sexy open mic slots for anyone who wants to join in! 

Open mic slots: Bring along your sexy words and share them with us. Have you got an erotic poem, a sexy short story, a salacious monologue, a sexually charged section of your novel, a provocative comic strip, a risqué stand up routine? Would you like to share a piece of erotica from an author you admire? Come and read it in front of an appreciative audience. Free entrance for open mic performers.

To sign up for the (5min) open mic slots, email Ernesto:

(or give your name on the night, if there are any slots left)

Velvet Tongue celebrates the hot, the sweet, the viscous, the carnal, the sexy, the racy, the provocative, the lustful, the voluptuous, the libidinous, the playful, the flirtatious, the teasing, the suggestive, the explicit, the cheeky, the romantic, the bold, the brash, the brassy, the flashy, the risque, the pervy, the licentious, the queer, the depraved and the downright kinky.

Keep your velvet tongue hot & viscous! 

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